• Ilene Cozad

Healing from sexual abuse

The event may have happened 20 years ago...but that doesn't mean its in the past--yet.

Once upon a time something terrible happened to you. Perhaps you were young and someone you trusted sexually abused you. Or you were a teenager when your boyfriend raped you. Or maybe you wish your sexual abuse was in the past, but someone in your life is abusing you right now, and you can't seem to break away.

Let me help you break free and heal.

Victims of sexual abuse, assault and and sexual trauma endure one of the greatest pains a human can suffer. Emotionally, physically, sexually and spiritually, sexual abuse touches every aspect of a person's core. Sexual abuse can also be physically pleasurable at the time, further confusing its victim. And secrecy often surrounds it all, leaving the abused hurting and alone.

“And sexual trauma is different than other traumas. It is personal, terrifying, and often fills the victim with shame that can't seem to be forgotten, even when they know it is not their fault."

But how?

Sexual trauma can be treated very successfully using EMDR.

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